How Much is “Too Much” Information?

How many times have you said something at work you wished you could take back? It probably happens more often than it should. Sometimes it’s an accidental slip up, but … Continue Reading →

Mastering the interview

Mastering the Tough Interview Questions

All of us want to eventually move up to the next level. It doesn’t just happen by itself. It requires a little effort and planning. One of the things I … Continue Reading →

Ineffective manager

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Characteristics of Bad Bosses

There are personalities that are not good for anyone in the workplace, but are most offensive when someone in power acts this way. I made this list as an informative … Continue Reading →

Businessman holding a message board with the text words "Thanks"

Ideas For Thanking Your Employees

Thanking your employees is the universal way to show you appreciate their hard work. There are a number of ways of doing it and you can get as creative as … Continue Reading →

lets party! Young happy man giving lets drink sign

10 Tips to Prevent Your Social Media from Ruining Your Career Growth

We see it all the time. A person says something on Facebook or Twitter and they get themselves into trouble. You might watch what you say, but you can still … Continue Reading →

Handsome adult man pointing to his left

Things Managers Should Never Say

I read an article a few days ago that had a list of things employees should never say. It was things like “This is not part of my job” or … Continue Reading →

Fast Food

Ten Reasons You Don’t Have Your Dream Job

Assuming you’re not an heir to a billion-dollar fortune or a lottery winner, most of us have to work for a living. I’ve always enjoying working, but I never liked … Continue Reading →

General Colin Powell

The General and the 13 Rules of Leadership

Sometimes managers try to deal with their people like they handle normal work issues. They deal with their people issues very logically and by the book. People are more complex … Continue Reading →

Strategic Vision

Strategic Management: From Vision to Reality

Strategic management seems like a difficult process. In its simplest form, it just means the company has chosen a strategy to follow and the strategy will be carried out through … Continue Reading →

kiva Assisting Hardworkers Globally

I wanted to talk today about an organization I have supported for several years now called Kiva. They help provide micro-loans to people who would otherwise be unable to get … Continue Reading →

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