Paid to Quit

Would You Pay Employees to Quit?

It is quite an interesting question. Which employees would you pay to leave and why? How much would you pay? Most employers would never think of such a thing. They … Continue Reading →

High Pressure

Performing Under Pressure at Work

The work landscape is always changing. The expectation now is to do a lot more than ever before with fewer resources and a decreased support staff. It can place a … Continue Reading →

manage your time

Time Savers, Wasters, and Makers

It seems that some people have more time to get things done than others do. As it turns out, we all get twenty-four hours a day to get things accomplished.  … Continue Reading →

Business Mistakes

Overcoming Your Critics, Blunders and Mistakes at Work

I am not a motivational speaker, but I know how people can begin to doubt themselves at work. It seems like you do a hundred things right, but people dwell … Continue Reading →

new leader

Transforming New Managers into Leaders

In order to make this journey, we must first look at a manager from the mind of an employee. The employee sees the manager as the boss. The manager is … Continue Reading →

Smart Leader

Why Smart Leaders Don’t Give Answers

Leaders take many different approaches to get the highest performance from their people. When people come to them with questions it seems easiest to just provide answers and move on, … Continue Reading →

Building Alliances

Building Alliances and Playing Well with Others

When you are in the workplace or dealing with people in business, you’ll always want to be building alliances with other people. People enjoy working with people they like and … Continue Reading →

Management matrix

Glimpse into the Management Matrix

It’s always shocking the first time you realize everything in the workplace isn’t as it appears. Everything you see is a gorgeous front for the company, yet you work for … Continue Reading →


7 Reasons Hiring a Military Veteran is a Smart Decision

Our military veterans are often in the news looking for work or trying to transition from the military to a civilian job. There is a two-way confusion that takes place … Continue Reading →

Ladder to sky

Climbing the Ladder, Breaking Rungs and Changing Goals

Most of us have goals of moving upward in the workplace. The gradual process of assuming more people to supervise and greater responsibilities are the allure of upper management. People … Continue Reading →

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